What Is The Actual Step-By-Step Informal Process of How A Regular Citizen Becomes A Congressmen? | pressku.com

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In nan lawsuit of nan executive branch, location is an unthinkable quality betwixt what personification needs to do/be to go president "on paper" (I.e, Being 35, being a natural-born national that has lived successful nan state for astatine slightest 14 years, filling retired nan Federal Election Committee, and winning nan wide election.) compared to what a president really has to do to person a reasonable changeable astatine becoming president. (Like, managing statement politics, getting donations from cardinal supporters, having friends successful nan media, getting support from chap statement members, etc.)

In a akin vein, and surely not arsenic discussed to nan aforesaid grade arsenic nan president, really does an mean joe really go a congressmen? What would beryllium nan actual, wide step-by-step process for a caller assemblage postgraduate to service a word successful nan House aliases Senate?