What does China have to gain from joining the Arctic Council as an observer state? | pressku.com

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In 2011, nan Council clarified its criteria for admittance of observers, most notably including a request of applicants to "recognize Arctic States' sovereignty, sovereign authorities and jurisdiction successful nan Arctic" and "recognize that an extended legal framework applies to nan Arctic Ocean including, notably, nan Law of the Sea, and that this model provides a coagulated instauration for responsible guidance of this ocean".[5]


If perceiver states request to admit that nan Arctic states person jurisdiction complete nan Arctic and its earthy resources, what precisely does China person to summation from joining nan Arctic Council arsenic an perceiver state? I americium guessing there's geopolitics involved, but if China cannot pry distant territory from Arctic states, what is location to beryllium done? I understand that nan Arctic offers an absorbing waste and acquisition way for China, but does it really request to subordinate nan Arctic Council to take sides its champion liking successful nan region?