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I've utilized my Ubuntu 22.04 installation for astir 6 months now for activity (software improvement work). Yesterday greeting each was good arsenic usual, but erstwhile I came backmost from lunch, nan full strategy was highly slow.

  • Launching applications takes minutes alternatively of ~1 second
  • The strategy stops responding to input for ~10 seconds and past processes nan input

Overall, nan strategy is wholly unusable for productive work. I tried:

  • Updating each packages via apt and snap
  • Restarting respective times
  • Removing powerfulness from nan instrumentality entirely
  • Monitoring strategy resources. RAM, CPU, web and disk are hardly utilized astatine each (!)
  • Only starting a azygous program
  • I booted up Windows (on a abstracted difficult drive), which is moving perfectly good and fast
  • Ran a disk self-test connected nan SSD Ubuntu is installed on, it came backmost arsenic "Disk is OK".

None of this worked. Since it's not a problem aliases moving retired of RAM aliases CPU powerfulness I'm rather unsure what could person caused it to go truthful slow aft being very pleasantly accelerated for half a year.

My specs:

  • CPU: i7-7700K (aging exemplary but moving good nether Windows)
  • 32 GB RAM
  • RTX 3060 Ti Graphics Card
  • Gigabyte Z270-HD3P Mainboard

Since my dual-boot Windows useful very good I tin constrictive down nan problem to nan Linux Software aliases nan SSD that Ubuntu is installed on.

And pointers are greatly appreciated!