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The United Kingdom announced its volition to retreat from nan EAEC on 26 January 2017, pursuing connected from its determination to retreat from the European Union.[14][25][26][27] Formal announcement to retreat from the EAEC was provided successful March 2017, wrong nan Article 50 notification letter, wherever nan withdrawal was made explicit.[28] Withdrawal only became effective pursuing negotiations connected nan position of nan exit, which lasted 2 years and 10 months.

A study by nan House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, published successful May 2017, questioned nan legal necessity of leaving Euratom and called for a impermanent hold of membership to let clip for caller arrangements to beryllium made.[29]

In June 2017, nan European Commission's negotiations task force published a Position insubstantial transmitted to EU27 connected atomic materials and safeguard instrumentality (Euratom), titled "Essential Principles on nuclear materials and safeguard equipment".[30] The pursuing month, a briefing insubstantial from nan House of Commons Library assessed the implications of leaving Euratom.[31]

In 2017, an article successful The Independent questioned nan readiness of nuclear substance to nan UK aft 2019 if nan UK were to withdraw, and the need for caller treaties relating to nan proscription of nuclear materials.[32] A 2017 article successful nan New Scientist stated that radioisotope proviso for crab treatments would besides request to be considered successful caller treaties.[33]


The Wikipedia article mentioned that nan readiness of atomic substance could beryllium jeopardized if nan UK were to withdraw, but it's not clear whether a participating associated authorities doesn't bask nan afloat benefits compared to a personnel authorities and what provisions were made to remedy that situation. What are nan benefits that Euratom participating associated states don't bask compared to personnel states?