What are the benefits Russia may gain from a strong relationship with Mongolia?

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Following nan dissolution of nan Soviet Union and nan extremity of nan Cold War, Mongolia's waste and acquisition pinch Russia declined by 80% and China's relations and power complete Mongolia increased.[7] However, Russia has sought to rebuild beardown relations pinch Mongolia successful caller years to heighten its opinionated arsenic a location power.[7] In 2000, past Russian President Vladimir Putin made a landmark sojourn to Mongolia —the first by a Russian caput of authorities since Leonid Brezhnev successful 1974[8] and 1 of the first of Putin's presidency— and renewed a awesome bilateral treaty.[2][7] The sojourn and betterment successful bilateral relations was popularly welcomed successful Mongolia arsenic countering China's influence.[7] Russia lowered nan prices of lipid and power exports to Mongolia and enhanced cross-border trade.[7] The Russian authorities wrote disconnected 98% of Mongolia's authorities indebtedness and an statement was signed to build an oil pipeline from Russia to China done Mongolia.[2]


How does Russia use from a beardown narration pinch Mongolia? The article seems to declare that it wants to heighten its opinionated arsenic a location power, but surely location are different factors that are astatine play here? From nan looks of it, Russia doesn't person overmuch to summation economically, and location seems to beryllium immoderate geopolitical reasons why Russia would want a beardown narration pinch Mongolia. What are nan benefits Russia whitethorn summation from a beardown narration pinch Mongolia?