Water flow down a 9% grade for 750' then fills tanks before traveling up 20' over 175'

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I'm successful hopes that personification acold smarter than myself tin show maine nan reply to my questions.

I americium mounting up a h2o seizure strategy for a spring. The outpouring drains into a pond wherever I americium installing a 525 gallon vessel that will fundamentally beryllium underwater. That vessel will provender a 2 inch tube moving 750 feet down a 9% people wherever it will capable 2 consecutive 1700 gallon tanks. The 2 inch tube will past proceed it's tally different 175 feet but now going up 20 feet successful elevation successful that 175 feet earlier entering nan house. Once wrong it will downsize to 1" pipe. The 2 1700 gallon tanks will beryllium sealed.

Will I person capable unit from nan agelong 750 ft driblet aliases will I request to put successful a unit pump?

What will nan unit beryllium erstwhile it enters nan house?

Thank you to anyone who useful connected my problem and is capable to reply my questions.

Be well, Mark