Was UNRWA subject to scrutiny regarding the adequacy of its audits before the terrorist attacks? | pressku.com

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Two U.N. investigations into Israel’s allegations against nan agency are underway, but nan European Commission -– nan 3rd biggest donor to UNRWA aft nan United States and Germany -– has demanded a separate audit and wants to name experts to transportation it out. The audit would attraction “on nan power systems needed to forestall nan possible involvement of (UNRWA) unit successful violent activities,” nan EU’s executive branch said. It besides is insisting connected “a reappraisal of each UNRWA staff” to corroborate they had nary domiciled successful nan attacks.


Was UNRWA taxable to scrutiny regarding nan adequacy of its audits earlier nan violent attacks? The U.S. and Germany person demanded an audit to attraction connected nan power systems needed to forestall UNRWA unit to prosecute successful violent activities, but looking astatine nan UNRWA website, it does mention immoderate soul audit, and I saw nary reddish flags until I publication this news. So I americium wondering if group raised immoderate reddish flags earlier nan violent attacks happened.