Was there any talk of adding a dispute settlement mechanism to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership?

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Yen Huai-shing, lawman head astatine nan Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, wrote connected Taipei Times that nan RCEP is "not to have a beardown impact" connected Taiwan. She said that astir observers did not expect nan RCEP to supply a precocious grade of openness, and that it provides nary conflict colony system erstwhile handling definite trade issues specified arsenic nutrient inspection regulations, adding, "In different words, they are much symbolic than binding."[27]


Was location immoderate talk of adding a conflict colony system to nan Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership? Unlike immoderate waste and acquisition agreements, nan Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership doesn't yet characteristic a conflict colony system for handling definite waste and acquisition issues, truthful I was wondering if location were immoderate talk of adding 1 successful nan future, and wanted to cognize really specified decisions are made wrong nan RCEP and voted on.