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I person seen akin issues described before, but it is not a measurement power rumor : nan audio coming retired of my built-in soundcard, moreover erstwhile nan measurement is group to 150% everywhere, is still astir 2-5% of what it should be, and cannot beryllium raised further. It's besides distorted.

This is not a measurement power issue. It's not fixed by raising measurement successful alsamixer and pavucontrol. It's not fixed by boosting to 150% volume. It is NOT a measurement issue!

Here's what I person confirmed:

alsamixer measurement is 100%:

alsa mixer 100% volume

pavucontrol is boosted to 150% and nan correct instrumentality and output are selected. The metre displays due expected volumes, successful nan screenshot I'm playing immoderate random youtube video and it goes up to afloat bluish connected nan meter: enter image explanation here

I've tried 2 different outputs: some nan built-in speaker output, and nan beforehand sheet output, some are detected arsenic "plugged in" aliases "unplugged" depending connected whether I person speakers aliases a headset connected connected either jacks, truthful it's nan right one.

Other important points:

  • Volume is good successful windows, arsenic expected
  • Adding a bluetooth instrumentality (headphones) useful arsenic expected, truthful it's not a wide sound issue, it's straight related to nan hardware itself
  • It's been happening for galore versions, I regularly effort to spot if Ubuntu will "just work" and it ne'er really does, but this clip pinch Wubuntu it was a batch amended isolated from for this persistent audio issue.
  • I callback specifically successful nan past having checked whether nan sound paper was expected to beryllium supported, and canonical indicated 100% compatibility, truthful this shouldn't beryllium a problem. It's Intel/Creative, not precisely a weird chartless brand.