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I person nary hint what one americium doing!.... one downloaded ubuntu past week. I turned my usb thrust into a footwear thrust utilizing UNetBootIn. I loaded ubuntu thriugh uefi.Tried to play a crippled and usage immoderate controllers, they werent moving and one tinkered astir pinch things. Got up nan adjacent time and ubuntu wouldnt load up done uefi, watched immoderate youtuve videos switched to bequest and my ubuntu loaded up. I deleted ubuntu disconnected of my usb and put garuda connected location arsenic one want to move to that 1 now. I cant get it to moreover commencement an installaitikn... ive deleted worldly disconnected kf mt difficult thrust and now one cnat moreover load ubuntu done legacy... one cant get onto a desktop to moreover download ankther ubuntu, one dont person immoderate different pcs, conscionable this laptop and now one cant do thing , one seriouslly request immoderate thief present its driving maine insane ..... herr is an image aft ubuntu tries to load it is missing operating aystem and loads into emergency mode if one spell to type its opens up arsenic root@zayl:~#..... one person nary hint im goibg to puke looking astatine each ove nan articles and video these past 5 days ... anyways heres pic... one conjecture one cant adhd pics from my cellphone arg im conscionable moving into problem aft problem