Using sed in ubuntu |

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I'm presently moving pinch sed successful ubuntu server. Here's what i'm trying to do:

1.) Print each lines wherever nan birthdays are successful nan first week of nan month. Be observant of nan dates for birthdays, nan format is MM/DD/YY

2.) Change Minerva McGonagall’s day to 10/04/1935. Assume you don’t cognize Minerva’s original birthday. Use a regular look to search for it.

3.) Write a sed book that will (actual sed script, NOT conscionable nan commands on nan bid line) (a) Insert supra nan first statement nan title - Great Literary Characters -. (b) Print nan contents of nan file, but alternatively of nan telephone number starting pinch an area code, person it commencement pinch a 1+, past include the area codification and number. For example, (603)123-1234 would turn into 1+(603)123-1234 (c) Append astatine nan extremity of nan record ”Happily Ever after. The End”

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