Using Bi-Directional USB-C Switch to switch between Ubuntu and Windows connected to dock -- layout issues with ubuntu |

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I americium a alternatively caller ubuntu user, but I usage a bidirectional USB-C move to nexus some my activity machine (Windows) and my individual machine (running latest type of Ubuntu) connected to a docking position done which I person each my peripherals attached.

The problem that I'm moving into is that erstwhile I move backmost from Windows to Ubuntu utilizing nan USB-C switch, each of my Ubuntu windows are each complete nan spot and not astatine each really I near them. Some windows will beryllium overlapping connected other, whereas others mightiness conscionable beryllium wholly glitched.

I've looked into utilizing a KVM move but I can't look to find a merchandise that has rather what I want (USB-C machine connection) and aggregate show support.

Does anyone person immoderate proposal regarding really to resoluteness nan rumor that I acquisition upon switching backmost to Ubuntu and my windows?