USB Sound card doubling sounds |

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I've precocious purchased a beefier instrumentality and person decided to instal Ubuntu Studio 23.10. My erstwhile instrumentality runs Ubuntu 22.04 and useful fine.

I was capable to get my outer sound cars (M-Audio Fast Track Ultra) installed, but erstwhile I effort to usage it, I get a echo/reverb effect almost arsenic if nan awesome is being sent location twice.

If I usage nan HDMI speakers connected my monitor, I don't person this problem, truthful I deliberation it must person thing to do pinch nan USB configuration.

I've tried switching to PulseAudio from Pipewire, but I still person nan aforesaid issue.

Is it imaginable that possibly aggregate sound systems, ALSA, Jack, Pulse Audio, Pipewire, are communicating to nan instrumentality simultaneously?

Any thief would beryllium appreciated.