UHD monitor showing artifacts for cetrain patterns, e.g. lighter lines, or image turns to green on purple

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I wonder, why black-white pixels shape arsenic seen connected this page http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/clock_phase.php is displayed wrongly by UHD LCDs (on each one tried). Please note, that it must beryllium displayed 1:1 (no browser / windows zooming).

On immoderate monitors, that shape is instantly seen arsenic very green, usually connected apical it's astir green, successful little parts location is not truthful overmuch green. On immoderate it's not truthful obvious, but to spot it, it's e.g. capable to little statement from 75-80 to e.g. 50-60.

Even more, if shape is coming connected surface much time, pinch definite offset, past surface becomes purple. See this foto, it's from lenovo y32p-30 display: https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/lenovo_foto.jpg

This is nan screenshot, truthful you tin effort yourself: https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/lenovo.png (view 1:1 pinch nary scaling)

On dell S2722qc it's aforesaid rumor (better visible if opposition is lowered to 50-60) pinch greenish and purple.

Video demonstration: https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/PXL_20231226_221917539.TS.mp4

Important: erstwhile one unfastened OSD menu, past connected lines wherever OSD is located are little greenish than without OSD. Hence visible "border line" betwixt 2 areas appears, wherever y-possition is apical and bottommost of OSD menu. See photos for amended understanding: https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/PXL_20231226_222856271.MP.jpg https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/PXL_20231227_111708420.MP.jpg

What is logic of specified behavior?

Now i'm testing asus proart PA279CRV. Here things are small different. From dell xps complete some hdmi and usbc shape was greenish arsenic usually. But connected desktop PC it's greenish only for fraction of 2nd and past it corrects itself. Why does it hole itself?

And one spotted caller problem, e.g. erstwhile having acheronian bookmark tab connected broadside and move backmost to tab specified pattern, for fraction of 2nd a bookmark tab contains tons of lines accross. While experimenting more, one recovered besides cases, erstwhile problem is persistent (not conscionable flicker) and is champion visible connected artificial image (again must beryllium observed without immoderate zooming/scaling): https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/asus_issue_1.png

Result is akin connected asus and dell S2722QC (don't person lenovo anymore and immoderate different to trial more): https://rt.sk/~jmi/uhd_issue/PXL_20240110_112757340.MP.jpg zoomed links will beryllium posted to remark arsenic one cannot usage much links arsenic newbe user.

Can personification explicate this? Is it caused by my PC (input awesome quality) aliases by monitor? Is it communal issue, aliases was one conscionable unlucky connected selecting affected show models?

I tried respective UHD monitors, mixed pinch respective PCs connected complete different cables (HDMI/DP/usbC). Issue pinch greenish image was coming successful each combinations. Doesn't matter if shape is displayed from browser aliases image viewer.

Note: immoderate monitors let to not usage afloat awesome scope (0-255), but only e.g. 16-254 aliases 16-235. Make judge to usage afloat range, arsenic successful my tests, immoderate of them "worked" good if afloat scope was not used.

thank you

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