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Authentication Error rumor - Ubuntu 23.10

Recently I came crossed successful my Ubuntu Desktop v23.10, my laptop surface goes to suspend mode aft 5 mins of inactivity. When I woke up nan laptop and entered correct login credential, it showed "Authentication Error" and nan surface sewage frozen. I wasn't capable to do thing from my keyboard and nan only valid point I could do was to shutdown my laptop manually by powerfulness button.

After turning connected my laptop, it showed maine a database of strategy level logs. After searching connected stackoverflow I encountered a solution, by entering into tty terminal and instal ubuntu desktop utilizing sudo apt instal ubuntu-desktop bid would lick this issue.

Then I restarted my strategy utilizing tty terminal, and my ubuntu becomes normal and shows my desktop screen. This rumor happens whenever I tried to login aft my strategy gets suspend. Eventhough my login credentials were correct, it showed maine authentication correction and I had to execute nan aforesaid steps to get backmost my original desktop screen.

My strategy specs
Name: DELL G15 5511
Processor: Intel i7 11th Gen
GNOME version: 45.2