Ubuntu 22.04 unable to use JetBlue inflight wifi | pressku.com

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I person Ubuntu 22.04.3 moving connected an Asus Zenbook, nonstop exemplary UX390UAK. My wifi astatine location and successful java shops useful good but connected each JetBlue formation I return I'm incapable to usage their inflight wifi (called FlyFi).

The web connects but nan login page (flyfi.com) is incapable to load, it appears to neglect astatine TLS negotiation.

Here are things I've tried:

  • Change DNS to Google - without this nan login portal (FlyFi.com) doesn't resoluteness astatine all
  • disable IPv6
  • disable ufw
  • disabled MAC randomization
  • update openssl config to let UnsafeLegacyRenegotiation, let TLS v1.2, and group Sec level to 1
  • various MTU from 500 to 1500
  • restarted NetworkManager betwixt each of these steps

Some different details:

  • I support my laptop updated regularly, I was past connected a formation successful Jan and nan aforesaid problem occured (also JetBlue)
  • Chipset is Intel 8260
  • wifi useful connected telephone moving Android (same script successful January)
  • testing pinch openssl -connect gives errorno=104 - it seems nan server conscionable isn't sending immoderate information (it besides shows messages for illustration nary adjacent certificate disposable and No customer certificate CA names sent
  • running curl -k https://www.flyfi.com aliases erstwhile loading successful a browser (tested some Firefox and Chrome) it ends up pinch Connection reset by adjacent while negotiating TLS
  • no evidently applicable error/warn messages successful journactl nor dmesg

I'm astatine a nonaccomplishment for what other to try/look into. Any ideas connected what could beryllium nan guidelines origin aliases different debugging steps to take?