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After a caller update Opera nary longer played immoderate videos successful my 16.04 LTS pinch ES so I checked Opera successful Ubuntu 22.04 pinch aforesaid result. But looking done nan Snap package for Opera {home/snap/opera/common/cache/opera/cache/cache-data} I find complete 1000 binary files! For example: 0a6d0afd66ab8e73_0 (7kb unfastened pinch stock w skype) and 0c342c6186d44844_0 (232kb) up to 032f23e9aa79d3d0_s (1.3MB) !! Also successful opera/default cache, codification cache and strategy cache location are galore akin files that unfastened Skype. I do person Skype installed but person ne'er utilized it successful 22.04. What are these files and should I region them?