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Problem Description

I person installed Ubuntu 20.04 connected a mini PC equipped pinch an Intel Core i7-13620H processor, which features an integrated UHD Graphics GPU (Raptor Lake). However, nan strategy seems incapable to admit my GPU properly. In Ubuntu settings, it displays llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits) alternatively of my UHD Graphics iGPU.

Furthermore, erstwhile I tally clinfo, it outputs Number of devices 0, indicating that my GPU is not being detected. This rumor is causing problems for me, peculiarly successful an OpenVINO task wherever I request to usage nan GPU.

System Information

  • Ubuntu Version: 20.04
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-13620H
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics integrated GPU (Raptor Lake)
  • Kernel-Version: 5.15.0-94-generic

Methods Tried

(1) I attempted to instal nan driver package utilizing nan pursuing bid (https://dgpu-docs.intel.com/driver/installation.html#install-steps):

sudo apt instal -y linux-headers-$(uname -r) flex bison intel-fw-gpu intel-i915-dkms xpu-smi

(2) I besides tried manually installing packages from nan repository https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases. I attempted to instal type 24.05.28454.6 merchandise packages:

wget https://github.com/intel/intel-graphics-compiler/releases/download/igc-1.0.15985.7/intel-igc-core_1.0.15985.7_amd64.deb wget https://github.com/intel/intel-graphics-compiler/releases/download/igc-1.0.15985.7/intel-igc-opencl_1.0.15985.7_amd64.deb wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/24.05.28454.6/intel-level-zero-gpu-dbgsym_1.3.28454.6_amd64.ddeb wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/24.05.28454.6/intel-level-zero-gpu_1.3.28454.6_amd64.deb wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/24.05.28454.6/intel-opencl-icd-dbgsym_24.05.28454.6_amd64.ddeb wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/24.05.28454.6/intel-opencl-icd_24.05.28454.6_amd64.deb wget https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime/releases/download/24.05.28454.6/libigdgmm12_22.3.11_amd64.deb

I'm still seeking suggestions connected really to resoluteness this issue. Any thief would beryllium greatly appreciated. Thank you!