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I americium encountering latency erstwhile connecting from my Windows 10 instrumentality to an Ubuntu 22.04 instrumentality done AnyDesk. After dedicating sizeable clip to investigating, I've wished that this problem arises exclusively erstwhile connecting from my Windows instrumentality to nan Ubuntu 22.04 machine. The erstwhile version, Ubuntu 20.04, worked seamlessly. The lag is noticeable moreover connected nan Ubuntu instrumentality itself (acting arsenic a server) erstwhile I type successful nan terminal.

In an effort to stitchery much insights, I established a caller instrumentality pinch Ubuntu 20.04 and tested it utilizing AnyDesk, experiencing nary issues. However, upon upgrading it to Ubuntu 22.04, nan problem manifested. I conducted a akin proceedings pinch TeamViewer and encountered nary complications.

Despite extended troubleshooting, I person been incapable to pinpoint nan guidelines origin of this problem. Any thief will beryllium appreciated.