Trying to install Ubuntu on an Acer Laptop with Win11 preinstalled, only solid underscore shows then it shuts down |

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I person an Acer Aspire A114-21-A3ME laptop. I americium trying to instal Ubuntu connected it; I get to nan surface wherever it says "Try aliases instal Ubuntu, Ubuntu (safe graphics)" etc, but erstwhile I click Try aliases instal Ubuntu, it conscionable displays a coagulated underscore and shuts down aft a bully 10 minutes. I tried aggregate USB sticks, aggregate burner package (Rufus, Balena, Win32 Disk Imager), aggregate ISO files (freshest releases of Ubuntu and Lubuntu) but it's astir nan same. When I pain pinch Balena aliases Win32 Disk Imager it doesn't moreover find nan '/boot/' file, truthful it's conscionable a achromatic surface alternatively of a coagulated underscore. Fast footwear and unafraid footwear are disabled. What could I do? I'm moving retired of ideas. Thanks successful advance!