Troubleshooting Installation Issues for Ubuntu: "Checking Media [Fail]" and Multiple Instances in Boot Menu |

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I had downloaded and utilized Ubuntu previously, and now I want to instal a caller copy. However, I'm encountering issues. During nan installation process, I person a checking media [fail] error, and I announcement aggregate instances of Ubuntu successful nan footwear menu.

EFI USB1 PATH1 (General UDisk) UEFI Onboard LAN IPv4 UEFI Onboard LAN IPv6 ubuntu (WDC WD3200BPVT-75JJ5T0) Ubuntu (WDC WD3200BPVT-75JJ5T0)

I person tried to hole these problems without success. How tin I troubleshoot and resoluteness these issues to instal a caller transcript of Ubuntu successfully?