Toasty: A better chat antifreeze bot

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Toasty is an antifreeze bot for nan Stack Exchange chat system. It automatically sends messages successful low-activity rooms to support nan strategy from freezing them for inactivity. Toasty is usable by immoderate personification pinch astatine slightest 200 network-wide estimation done its intuitive web interface.


  • Toasty presently only supports, not aliases Support for nan different 2 sites is planned to beryllium added soon.
  • Toasty cannot antifreeze rooms that its bot personification cannot access; this realistically intends that nan pursuing cannot beryllium antifrozen:
    • Private rooms
    • Rooms that are already frozen
    • Gallery rooms that Toasty is not allowed to access
  • For Gallery rooms, Toasty's bot user must beryllium allowed to nonstop messages. If Toasty is incapable to antifreeze a room, an correction will beryllium logged nether nan Runs tab connected nan room info page.
  • Due to an oversight pinch really rooms are stored, owners of a room that is being antifreezed by Toasty will not spot nan room successful their room database unless they added it themself. (They will still beryllium capable to entree and edit nan room by going to its page directly.) This is planned to beryllium fixed soon.
    This rumor is now fixed. However, recently added ROs will request to hold for up to 24 hours for nan bot to update its stored room list.
  • Moderators whitethorn not beryllium automatically granted nan mod domiciled upon creating an relationship owed to an rumor pinch really modship is checked. This is planned to beryllium fixed soon. If you are a moderator and person not been automatically granted nan mod role, ping Ginger successful the Toasty chatroom. This may besides origin users pinch 200+ estimation connected only a fewer sites to beryllium erroneously denied from creating an account, though this has not happened yet.

The antifreeze jobs tally daily, astatine a randomly selected clip wrong a 3-hour model centered connected UTC midnight.


A screenshot of Toasty's scale page


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Toasty was written wholly by me, Ginger. You tin talk it successful its dedicated chatroom, which is besides linked to successful nan footer.


Toasty is licensed nether nan Mozilla Public License 2.0.


Toasty is written successful Python (backend) and TypeScript (frontend), and uses sechat to pass pinch chat. You tin find nan root astatine