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I've sewage a weird problem and americium not judge really to google for it, aliases analyse nan issuse. Generally my Ubuntu 23.10 behaves normally. However, aft login it takes ages (so.. half a minute) to unfastened a terminal. Some different programs activity faster.

I tried to cleanable a fewer things from ~/.cache and and one deactivated each "startup applications" - nary change

Also, one person a book one want to commencement via desktop record successful nan startup applications. It doesn't start. I tin telephone it from dash, but it wont commencement automatically.

My startup seems slow, but I don't deliberation this problem is related to it. It's not a immense issue, but my curiosity is triggered to excavation into nan problem. Any ideas what I could look for?

systemd-analyze gives: Startup vanished successful 4.376s (firmware) + 7.347s (loader) + 5.398s (kernel) + 1min 30.689s (userspace) = 1min 47.811s graphical.target reached aft 34.630s successful userspace.