Systemd does not see external drive partition when running ExecStart command |

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I americium trying to tally calibre-server astatine startup. Here is an illustration of nan work content

[Unit] Description=calibre Content server [Service] Type=simple User=root Group=root ExecStart=/opt/calibre/calibre-server "/path-to-mounted-external-hdd-partition/Calibre Library" [Install]

When I cheque nan position of nan service: sudo systemctl position calibre-server.service

I person pursuing message: There is nary calibre room at: /path-to-mounted-external-hdd-partition/Calibre Library

However erstwhile I type: sudo systemctl commencement calibre-server.service it starts flawlessly.

My presumption was that partition and files building is not mounted/available astatine nan clip nan work initially is ran. So I tried to switch ExecStart pinch ExecStart=/ and contented of

#!/bin/bash ls -la /path-to-mounted-external-hdd-partition/ 2> /out.txt >> /out.txt

the consequence stored successful out.txt shows (simplified for brevity):

. ..

it seems nan contented of outer hdd is quiet astatine nan clip work is ran.

Why is that? How tin I lick it?