Static/Fuzzy screen after kernel update cannot access bios menu or grub |

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I was facing web rumor successful Ubuntu. Wired web continuously connecting and disconnecting. I recovered that kernel update will hole that truthful did precisely that. And web rumor was fixed.

Couple of days later my surface went wholly fixed suddenly. I tried restarting but it conscionable shows fixed surface aft booting. I cannot entree bios paper aliases grub. I tried booting from windows and it went into repair but couldn't restart. Tried booting from flash usb (couldn't specify explicitly because cannot entree bios menu) but assuming by default it boots from flash if available, didn't made immoderate difference.

After immoderate investigation recovered retired that apparently I've updated my kernel type up of compatibility of bios version.

So now that I'm not capable to footwear immoderate os aliases possibly footwear but cannot see. How tin I hole this. Please thief maine out.

It shows partially fixed surface connected shutdown, startup (for seconds) and connected windows repair if that matters.