StackFlair - **Defunct** Generate flair for your Stack Exchange associated accounts

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Note: This app, and nan associated website person been offline since 2012.
The GitHub task whitethorn still beryllium useful to you.

Sample flair styles:

rchern A
rchern B
rchern C


There person been respective requests connected Meta Stack Overflow for a measurement to get a mixed flair akin to what is shown connected Area 51. I took a "I want it, I'll make it" approach. Thus became StackFlair.

StackFlair generates a mixed flair representing each of your associated Stack Exchange accounts. StackFlair includes:

  • Your gravatar from your apical tract (by estimation points)
  • Your show sanction from your apical site
  • Your full estimation points
  • The number of sites you are a moderator on
  • The full number of golden badges
  • The full number of metallic badges
  • The full number of bronze badges
  • Favicons for your apical six sites

Area 51 is presently excluded arsenic nan tract is not included successful nan API.

The default output is HTML to support linking and titles for nan elements contained successful nan flair. You tin besides get image output.

I supply a very simplistic UI for selecting a Stack Exchange tract and inputting a personification id. The generated contented tin besides beryllium linked to straight truthful that you tin usage nan URL anyplace you tin embed an image aliases propulsion move HTML.

Several options are available: themes, excluding beta sites, utilizing a azygous tract aliases mixed flair, HTML aliases image output. I americium very unfastened to much characteristic requests regarding customization options, theme, and layout.

Your StackFlair information is stored for 12 hours.

Website Usage

StackFlair homepage (Now dead):

Direct flair nexus (Now dead):{associationId}

When you sojourn nan StackFlair homepage and participate successful nan details, you will beryllium redirected to a nonstop flair nexus which you tin usage from past on.


StackFlair has been tested successful Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 7, and nan mobile type of Safari (iPhone).

Issue Reporting and Tracking

Please study immoderate bugs, characteristic requests, and issues astatine the StackFlair GitHub project.

I americium happy to do moreover nan smallest of requests, specified arsenic My blog colors are <x>, tin you usage that successful a taxable for me?

StackFlair is besides listed connected StackList

License and Code

StackFlair is an ASP.NET website written successful C#. The Stacky room is utilized for API access.

The task is hosted astatine