sshfs fails when not used with sudo |

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I changed computers, and now I person problem getting sshfs to activity again.

Using nan bid sshfs user@server:/home/user/ /mnt/server fails pinch an:
fusermount3: equine failed: Operation not permitted.
When I tally nan bid pinch a preceeding sudo, it useful - but that's somewhat beside nan point. This utilized to activity without utilizing sudo.

This utilized to activity connected my older machine, which was besides moving Ubuntu 22.04. However, it's been a while since I group nan aged instrumentality up, truthful I conjecture I whitethorn person forgotten something.

The mount-directory /mnt/server belongs to my existent user, some arsenic proprietor and pinch nan group.

Simply logging successful utilizing ssh works, i.e., utilizing ssh user@server. So, what is nan cognition that is not permitted?