Sound comes up after 9 seconds at startup |

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I conscionable built a caller machine for my organ simulator (Grandorgue) based connected Ubuntu Studio. Everything useful good and fast, BUT aft booting, approx 9 seconds aft nan appearence of Plasma GUI, a connection "soundcard-name analog stereo" is concisely displayed astatine nan halfway of nan screen. If I motorboat Grandorgue earlier nan message: nary sound (but Midi works). If I motorboat Grandorgue aft nan message, I get sound. The arena prevents maine to group auto-start for Grandorgue. I americium utilizing Rt/Pulsaudio and Alsa. Jack is stopped. I tryed pinch nan on-mainboard chipset and pinch nan target EMU 0404: aforesaid behavior. The contented of nan connection comes from PulseAudio, because 1/text is 1 of nan labels seen successful Studio Controls/Open Pulse Control/Output devices 2/when I alteration nan output instrumentality successful this menu, nan connection changes successful nan aforesaid fashion. It seems that recognition of nan sound cards takes an abnormally agelong time, that it hangs somewhere. Have you immoderate thought of nan guilty? Is location immoderate log pursuing nan audio setup erstwhile nan instrumentality starts? Thank you successful precocious for your suggestions.