Some keys on my keyboard from time to time do not work on Linux |

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Keys “g”, “h”, “‘“, “7” connected numpad (also Home) and Escape do not activity decently connected Ubuntu 22.04 and did not activity connected Linux Mint, which was nan erstwhile operating strategy connected my laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15API 81NC009KRK). The astir absorbing is that it happens pinch each of them astatine once. I mean, if astatine slightest of 1 them is ok, past each different cardinal tin besides type well. If they do not type, pressing them for a while aliases simply hitting them aggregate times tin temporarily hole that, but it is very inconvenient to constitute codification for illustration that.

I tin exclude immoderate hardware issue, since, first of all, each cardinal types good successful BIOS. Second of all, I person already been to a section machine repairing work respective times, and they told maine that nan keyboard’s beingness authorities is ok.

I americium looking guardant to virtually immoderate solution, arsenic I americium not acrophobic of a information nonaccomplishment connected nan computer, because each nan information has already been backed up.