Serial communication with USB is inconsistent (Ubuntu 22.04.3) |

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I person been utilizing a serial larboard via USB to power a centrifugal driver connected Ubuntu 22.04.3.

I person utilized serial larboard applications arsenic good arsenic my ain scripts utilizing a C++ room called libserial.

Sometimes, I americium capable to nonstop nan 10 bytes that I request to either utilizing my book aliases a terminal exertion (I usage tio & minicom).

Most times utilizing my code, nan first aliases 2nd byte is successfully sent and past nan programme is blocked indefinitely while waiting for thewrite buffers are drained. The aforesaid behaviour happens astir of nan clip erstwhile utilizing tio. I tin participate nan first byte, and past I can't type anymore.

Has anyone had immoderate issues penning pinch serial utilizing USB? I tried utilizing aggregate machines and nan behaviour is nan same.

Thank you