Seagate Basic USB HDD - error showing an empty directory |

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  1. I purchased a Seagate Basic 1TB USB HDD.
  2. I connected nan USB-drive into my Dell-desktop-PC moving UBUNTU 22.04. It mounts/unmounts and different behaves normally.
  3. I utilized FreeFileSync to backmost up ~250GB from my desktop-PC to a directory ("vanmetter") that I created connected nan USB-drive.
  4. On nan desktop-PC nan USB-drive mounts and unmounts normally; and each directories and files look and are accessible arsenic expected utilizing "Files 42.6".
  5. When nan USB-drive is connected to my Dell-laptop-PC (also moving UBUNTU 22.04) it mounts and unmounts normally; each expected directories (including "vanmetter") look successful "Files 42.6"; BUT nan "vanmetter" directory is EMPTY (i.e. is contains nary files).

This behaviour is repeatable; that is nan USB-drive tin beryllium mounted connected each of nan 2 UBUNTU-22.04 computers pinch nan aforesaid observed results (i.e files look successful nan vanmetter directory erstwhile nan USB-drive is mounted connected nan desktop-PC and do not look connected nan laptop-PC.

Any adjuvant thoughts would beryllium greatly appreciated.

Running nan UBUNTU inferior "Disks" shows (on some PCs) that ~250GB of nan 1TB are being used. However, different differences look for illustration filesystem type is blank connected nan desktop-PC and shown arsenic fuse connected nan laptop-PC.