se-flair: HTML combined Stack Exchange site flair

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Screenshots of immoderate samples:

My flair Jeff Atwood Jon Skeet

Tooltip pinch full reputation:

Total estimation points tooltip

Tooltip pinch specific-site reputation:

Single-site rep tooltip

Live PNG Samples:

My PNG flair Jeff Atwood's PNG flair Jon Skeet's flair


se-flair produces combined-account flair successful nan shape of a short HTML archive suitable for iframe-embedding, a javascript record for embedding, aliases a PNG image. The flair fits pinch nan look of nan modular flair connected Stack Exchange sites. Using HTML allows for links to aggregate specific-site profiles and tooltips showing full rep and specific-site rep. Totals are calculated crossed each linked accounts (as opposed to nan modular mixed Stack Exchange flair, which only uses sites wherever nan personification has astatine slightest 200 rep).

Display sanction and gravatar are taken from nan highest-rep associated account. The circumstantial sites shown and linked are successful descending-rep order. The number of sites shown and linked tin beryllium chosen from 1-8 (with a default of 7, since nan 8th conscionable hardly doesn't fit).

Data is cached for up to 8 hours. Complete PNG image output is cached for up to 1 hour.

See for much complete instructions. Short version:

  •[account-id].html produces an HTML archive suitable for iframe-embedding
  •[account-id].js produces JavaScript codification that inserts nan stylesheet nexus into nan archive caput and writes nan flair div into nan document
  •[account-id].png produces a PNG image of nan flair

Note that your account-id is nan numeric ID successful nan URL for your floor plan connected the main website.


See for instructions connected really to embed nan flair. Embedding some by iframe and by JavaScript useful successful existent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. In astatine slightest immoderate versions of Internet Explorer, nan favicons for nan sites do not render good and nan bounds for nan suggested iframe are not rather right, though nan JavaScript embedding method useful good different than nan favicons. PNG images do not usage transparency, truthful they should render conscionable good successful immoderate browser that supports PNG images.


See Experimental Features/Changes and Revision History answer.


Comment present aliases email ilg astatine nan domain successful nan website successful my profile.


Written successful Python pinch Serverless, moving connected AWS Lambda pinch Amazon CloudFront providing caching.