SCP: Down- & Uploading only possible via Powershell |

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I haven't been capable to do it for months pinch Putty, Bitvise...

Downloading and uploading via Powershell works. But via Putty and Bitvise intolerable - though SSH works. Bitvise has an SCP browser. Strangely enough, I tin upload and download to/ from my distant server (Ubuntu 22.04) via it. Same pinch WinSCP.

Host/ Client OS -> Windows 10

VPS-Remote Server OS -> Ubuntu 22.04.3

Every instruction, each reply ever different. Most are astir Linux-2-Linux.

I person an ed25519 SSH-Key to login into my Ubuntu-Server. Uploaded public-key pinch occurrence done Powershell into my Server ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Deactivated root, password-login and truthful on. When I created my cardinal I renamed it pinch a civilization name. But pinch civilization sanction it denied login entree done Powershell into my Server. Although it worked pinch custom-name pinch Putty (needed to person from OpenSSH to ppk format for Putty) and Bitwise. So I renamed it to default-name "id_ed25519". Is that normal?

But my problem is that I cannot down- & upload pinch my SSH-Clients (Putty, Bitvise) USER@MYIP: Permission denied (publickey). Or ssh: Could not resoluteness hostname c: Temporary nonaccomplishment successful sanction resolution

I usage these commands successful Powershell:

For uploading into my Server: scp -r C:\Users\USER\RANDOMFILEORFOLDER USER@MYIP:~/

For downloading to my section Computer: scp -r USER@MYIP:RANDOMFILEORFOLDER C:\Users\USER\Downloads

Tried it without/ pinch sudo.

Command really I created cardinal (with Powershell): ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -a 150 -f %userprofile%/.ssh/customname -C "servername"

Have tried it retired pinch umpteen different variants from comments present and there, Tutorials. E.g.

scp -P 22 USER@UBUNTUSERVERIP:/home/USER/test.txt C:\Users\NAME\Downloads
scp -P 22 USER@UBUNTUSERVERIP:/home/USER/test.txt USER@WINDOWSIP:C:\Users\NAME\Downloads\