Save the waffles! Bringing back custom 404 pages to Stack Exchange

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As per Aaron's answer, nan alteration is temporarily reverted owed to nan backlash, truthful nan userscript is not basal for now. To compensate for nan nonaccomplishment successful usefulness, I decided to adhd per-site personification overrides (since 0.3.0) and let it to activity connected nan existent 404 pages (since 0.4.0).

Screenshot / Code Snippet

Meta Stack Overflow 404 page

Custom personification overrides:

Meta Stack Overflow 404 page pinch personification override

The image is "The Black Beast of Aaaaaargghh" from nan "Monty Python and nan Holy Grail" film, 1975


The userscript brings backmost civilization 404 pages to nan Stack Exchange web replacing nan lifeless firm informing icon pinch community-specific images while preserving nan updated layout. Currently supported communities (some 404 pages were ne'er indexed by, truthful if you cognize of nan missing 404 images, please fto maine know):

Community Image
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow 404
Meta Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow 404
Ask Ubuntu Ask Ubuntu 404
Super User Super User 404
English Language Learners English Language Learners 404
Code Review Code Review 404
Unix & Linux UNIX 404
Sci-Fi Sci-Fi 404
Math Math 404
Server Fault Server Fault 404
Ask Different Apple 404
Cross Validated Cross Validated 404
Arqade Arqade 404
Mi Yodeya Mi Yodeya 404
Home Improvement Home Improvement 404
Cooking Cooking 404
Crypto Crypto 404
Webmasters Webmasters 404
Chemistry Chemistry 404
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 404
Emacs Emacs 404
Database Administrators 404
Graphic Design 404
Android Enthusiasts 404
Movies & TV 404
Software Recommendations 404
Academia 404

Change Log

v0.3.0 introduces per-site personification overrides and a configuration modal accessed by clicking connected a "404" fastener added to nan main tract menu:

site paper pinch config fastener added

The modal allows you to alteration nan image root for each of nan sites pinch civilization 404 pages (ability to adhd sites to nan database coming soon) - it will beryllium loaded alternatively of nan default image:

configuration modal feature

Since v0.8.0, location is simply a mini icon adjacent to each of nan configuration labels - clicking connected 1 takes you to nan corresponding 404 page:

config point pinch icon link

Since v1.1.1, location nan configuration modal supports civilization header matter arsenic well:

config point pinch civilization header input

Day-to-day changes:

Version Updates
0.6.0 options paper point is added for logged retired users (or those without an relationship connected a community) too
0.6.1 Added definitive support for nan Greasemonkey userscript manager
0.7.0 Made modal draggable and made configuration modal load moreover connected unsupported sites
0.8.0 Added speedy links to 404 pages of each of nan supported site
0.9.0 Added existent cross-site configuration for Tampermonkey users
0.10.0 Added DBA, Android Enthusiasts and Graphic Design defaults
1.0.0 Deferred image replacement till "load" event; first awesome version
1.1.1 Added "Page not found" personification overrides
1.2.0 Added Software Recs, Academia, and Movies & TV defaults
2.0.0 Switched to userscript manager-agnostic storage; fixed config point surgery by caller UI updates


The book is licensed nether nan GPL-3.0-or-later license.


Install | Minified

The book doesn't need a userscript head to activity (but includes basal headers).

Note that overrides are disposable cross-site only successful userscript managers owed to nan quality of nan same-origin policy.


Version number intends "last tested on":

Chrome Opera Firefox Edge IE
✔ 92.0.4515.107 ✔ 77.0.4054.203 ✔ 89.0 ✔ 92.0.902.55 no

Userscript managers:

Greasemonkey Tampermonkey Violentmonkey
✔ 4.11 ✔ 31 ?


Author: Oleg Valter
Organization: UserScripters

Please, taxable bug reports on nan root repository.
Before adding a caller one, please cheque if it hasn't been raised before.

You tin besides drop by to chat, we are a friends bunch.


Source code written successful TypeScript.

Contributions are welcome, you tin ever submit a PR here.