Restore Mint backup tar to Ubuntu |

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I've been looking to spot if anyone has knowledgeable this business but nary joyousness truthful far, hence this question.

I request to reconstruct a large (4+ GB) tar record created nether erstwhile (OS Mint 21.1 Cinnamon) to my recently installed Jammy OS.

The problem is that Jammy's "Restore" can't look to find immoderate files that it 'likes' (despite Mint 21.1 claiming to beryllium based connected Jammy--interesting).

When run, nan Jammy Archive Manager returns: "An correction occurred while loading nan archive. Error seeking successful file: Invalid argument"

Does anyone person an idea--other than installing Mint connected different drive, for example, and restoring nan files there--how I tin make Jammy "cooperate"?