Removing spaces between words in a text file using a bash script |

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I americium utilizing a bash book that parses information from a bunch of different matter files and generates a .dts file. The .dts record contains spaces betwixt each file title and I request to region them arsenic it makes a plotting instrumentality I usage crash. See beneath for example:

Avg Interval Time Interval Num Total pts Avg Delta Time

I request it to look for illustration this (There are spaces betwixt each file title)

AvgIntervalTime IntervalNum Totalpts AvgDeltaTime

Can nan sed bid execute this function? The supra is each successful Line 1 of nan .dts file.

FSA, I person done immoderate investigation connected nan sed bid and one tin only find examples of really to region leading/trailing separator spaces aliases each nan spaces, but thing to conscionable region spaces betwixt definite words.