Remote Desktop - connect to existing local logged-in session (:0) |

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I'm trying to fig retired if it's imaginable to person a distant desktop setup connected Ubuntu akin to what happens pinch nan Windows Remote Desktop. I've seen a batch of tutorials and Q&As that talk astir starting a new distant convention and attaching to that, but I haven't recovered thing that would let maine to link to an existing logged-in session.

I've tried utilizing tigerVNC, but successful bid to usage that, I person to adjacent down each of my applications first, log off, past commencement a caller X11 convention pinch nan VNC server, which nan laptop connects to. When I return to nan beingness computer, I request to termination nan VNC server (and each nan applications running) earlier I tin log backmost in.

Maybe this is clearer to explicate by example. Here's what I would sometimes do pinch nan Windows built-in distant desktop:

  • On machine A, I beryllium down astatine nan beingness mouse/keyboard/monitor and log in. I motorboat immoderate applications and commencement working. Computer A has dual monitors.
  • Later successful nan day, I request to relocate. I drawback laptop B and spell to my caller location. From laptop B, I commencement a distant desktop relationship to machine A. I americium past presented pinch my unfastened applications that were moving erstwhile I near nan beingness mouse/keyboard/monitor of machine A. Laptop B has only 1 monitor, of a different solution than nan machine A monitors. The distant desktop convention has resized nan desktop to lucifer nan solution of laptop B.
  • Later on, I return to nan beingness location of machine A. I disconnect laptop B, beryllium down astatine machine A, and log backmost in. I americium presented pinch nan applications precisely arsenic I near them connected laptop B, and nan desktop convention again spans my 2 monitors.

Is location immoderate Linux package disposable which would fto maine execute this?