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TRASTONE has created a endurance simulation crippled called Raft Survival to support players experiencing harsh oversea life. There will not beryllium immoderate different luxurious waiters aliases services, but instead, you are unsocial floating connected a mini raft, watching objects drift connected nan water.

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad


While connected a flight, you accidentally get progressive successful a catastrophic incident involving nan aviation industry. The worst didn’t hap erstwhile nan level crashed, and you were near connected a deserted island. However, nan reality is that you are perilously sitting connected a woody raft surrounded by waves and different deadly creatures. As agelong arsenic imaginable earlier being discovered by nan rescue team, players successful Raft Survival must devise strategies to support their wellness and fitness. Find and support everything functional that drifts onto nan formation from nan ocean.


When you spell done nan checklist, you will recognize that each sorts of valuable objects, including weapons, are floating successful nan water. You tin only usage nan hook you’re holding, truthful you’ll person to purpose carefully, little it, propulsion it arsenic acold arsenic you can, and past propulsion it backmost up. This is nan game’s main mechanic; you tin do it by tapping nan surface to prime nan destination and past pressing nan fastener to driblet nan hook. However, only a fistful of hooks you propulsion will drawback anything, sometimes things that person small to do pinch what you need. Do your occupation calmly and carefully, and put distant thing that you judge could beryllium useful successful storage.

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad


Wooden items, ropes, and manus devices specified arsenic hammers, pliers, and scissors require typical attention. Keeping them will let you to build a elephantine raft, expanding your chances of reaching land. Food and portion tin beryllium recovered successful unexpected places, specified arsenic crates and vino barrels. Your chances of endurance astatine oversea will summation if you transportation a weapon.

Once you get nan correct items, you tin upgrade them automatically. An tremendous raft, a location built connected it, nan expertise to transportation much weapons, and eat good will each thief your future. Picking up different items from nan water has different effects connected your character, depending connected really you harvester them.

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad


To past connected a raft astatine sea, you request much than determination and an flight plan. Moreover, you will look hordes of fearsome enemies successful vulnerable environments beyond your imagination. The first is simply a schoolhouse of vicious, murderous sharks conscionable waiting for nan correct clip to pounce. To protect yourself and nan raft, you’ll return turns utilizing nan weapons you’ve recovered truthful acold and skillfully utilizing nan on-screen controls to propulsion astatine nan sharks.

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad

Navigating a woody raft done nan water while avoiding sharks, storms, and large waves is nary easy feat. With conscionable 1 misguided touch, things tin spell awry, sending you into nan oversea below. The only measurement to past against these powerful forces of quality is to person your wits connected nan raft and not fto fearfulness overwhelm you. These tasks are basal and will bring galore benefits upon completion. Small but analyzable challenges, specified arsenic removing trash from nan bottommost of nan raft and keeping everything connected nan raft successful order, must beryllium completed connected nan measurement to nan superior goal.

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