PTP4L wrong source IP on Ubuntu 22.04 |

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When I commencement ptp4l arsenic guidelines pinch ptp4l -i enp0s31f6 -m it successfully starts and takes nan grand-master role. See logs below.

However, erstwhile inspecting nan packets pinch Wireshark, they don't originate from nan IP of that interface. Instead, they show nan IP of my WiFi adapter. When I move disconnected WiFi, they alternatively usage nan IP of nan virbr0 from kvm.

How tin I hole this?

I abnormal each different web adapters. Then I spot nan correct IP, but that is not feasible each nan time.

What I tried

  • Allowing larboard 319 and 320 successful nan firewall made PTP successfully beryllium a leader and a follower, though nan sender IP is wrong.
  • apt offers linuxptp type 3.1.1, frankincense I compiled nan latest 4.2 merchandise from here (same symptoms)


root@host:/home/user/linuxptp# ./ptp4l -i enp0s31f6 -m ptp4l[13393.845]: selected /dev/ptp0 arsenic PTP clock ptp4l[13393.845]: larboard 1: INITIALIZING to LISTENING connected INIT_COMPLETE ptp4l[13393.845]: larboard 0: INITIALIZING to LISTENING connected INIT_COMPLETE ptp4l[13401.057]: larboard 1: LISTENING to MASTER connected ANNOUNCE_RECEIPT_TIMEOUT_EXPIRES ptp4l[13401.057]: selected section timepiece e88088.fffe.257ada arsenic champion master ptp4l[13401.057]: larboard 1: assuming nan expansive maestro role