ProjectLibre Recognized With Open Source Excellence Award on SourceForge

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We are happy to denote that SourceForge has recognized a number of exceptional projects connected SourceForge pinch awards based connected nan worth these projects supply to nan unfastened root community. One task we’d for illustration to item is ProjectLibre, which was awarded nan Open Source Excellence award. ProjectLibre is nan number 1 project management replacement to Microsoft Project, and is now utilized connected each 7 continents.

Open Source Excellence

Hear from Marc O’Brien, Co-Founder of ProjectLibre:

ProjectLibre is nan #1 replacement to Microsoft Project. ProjectLibre has a blase information building that mirrors Microsoft Project truthful users interoperate and tin simply unfastened existing files connected Linux, macOS aliases Windows. It is terrific to activity pinch SourceForge and we admit your domiciled successful nan community. Our squad enjoys nan interactive representation displaying downloads astir nan world. There person been complete 5,500,000 downloads and we person a vibrant ProjectLibre community. The organization is thankful we connection it arsenic unfastened root and free! This period alone, ProjectLibre has been downloaded successful 190 countries (darker greenish represents much downloads). Our users are connected each 7 continents including projects being managed successful Antarctica!

Download representation of ProjectLibre astir nan world

The ProjectLibre squad receives messages play from group thankful for our unfastened root replacement to Microsoft Project. It is meaningful to our team. Recent examples are architects successful Turkey aliases engineering firms successful India who tin negociate their projects without costly proprietary software. We get emails from group faced pinch nan civilized dilemma, having competitors pirating commercialized package putting them astatine a business disadvantage. They can’t spend Microsoft but request to compete, managing projects and showing customers task plans. Microsoft Project desktop costs complete $1,000 and nan load costs including Sharepoint etc. is overmuch higher. Microsoft’s caller versions Project for nan Web and Project Online are wide considered a disaster and group can’t spend nan desktop.

ProjectLibre is translated into 29 languages. The architects successful Turkey aliases engineers successful India tin negociate projects for free and successful their autochthonal languages of Turkish, Hindi aliases moreover location Tamil languages. Companies efficaciously negociate their projects and stay ethical by not pirating. ProjectLibre has a blase information exemplary that mirrors Microsoft Project. This allows opening existing Microsoft files successful ProjectLibre connected Linux, macOS aliases Windows. If required you tin moreover make changes successful nan projects and information travel nan task record backmost to users connected Microsoft.

ProjectLibre is besides taught successful complete 1,500 Universities astir nan world! ProjectLibre and SourceForge are some making a quality successful nan world. Our squad has been nan founders of 3 package companies. The erstwhile 2 were acquired and it prevented fulfilling our mission. We are excited and moving 7 days a week arsenic we are dedicated to making a quality successful nan world. We person established a ProjectLibre YouTube Channel pinch galore instructional videos. We besides speak astatine galore events connected some nan task guidance subject and besides unfastened root software. The ProjectLibre squad has a batch much to execute and admit having SourceForge arsenic a partner.

Thank you SourceForge!

ProjectLibre, congratulations connected being recognized pinch nan Open Source Excellence grant from SourceForge. From everyone astatine SourceForge, we are proud to big ProjectLibre connected SourceForge.

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