Problems removing GRUB from Windows 10 |

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I cognize that this mobility should beryllium a remark connected nan reply here but I conscionable created my relationship truthful I don't person capable estimation to comment.

I had Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installed alongside Windows 10, and I would for illustration to reinstall it. The problem is that I still person GRUB and for immoderate reason, if I footwear nan OS from a USB bootable instrumentality I get a grub bid statement interface. So I tried to region it pursuing this guideline , but I person 2 problems. The first 1 is that I person 2 EFI volumes and I do not cognize which 1 contains GRUB, nan 2nd is that erstwhile I effort to database each directories (using dir /AH to person besides nan hidden folders), I do not spot immoderate EFI directory, truthful I cannot find GRUB and delete it.

Does anyone cognize what should I do to region it?