Problems installing Ubuntu Server on an empty SSD |

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I'm trying to instal Ubuntu Server 22.04 aliases 23.10, some crashing pinch nan aforesaid problem. My hardware is an AMD Ryzen 5 7640U mini-PC pinch Lexar NVMe SSD. I'm booting from a USB thrust pinch OS image.

Installer doesn't spot nan out-of-the container quiet SSD. I utilized GParted Live and created GPT partition array connected SSD. After astir a infinitesimal of "examining retention devices" nan thrust is visible to nan installer. I'm selecting nan action "use an full disk". The 22.04 installer stops pinch "there was a problem examining retention devices", but allows for manual continue. Both installers clang astatine nan adjacent measurement of mounting personification credentials, while "destructive action" is performed connected SSD.

I person dual footwear configuration pinch Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 and 23.10 moving good connected different SSD connected this PC. Is location an easy solution to this problem? Do I person to partition nan thrust earlier installation?