Preferred file system when formatting a (conventional) HDD solely meant for backup purposes with borgbackup |

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I would for illustration to backup my location files of my ubuntu 22.04 machine pinch Pika Backup which is nan frontend for borgbackup.

I person a caller 4 TByte HDD difficult disk and want to format that now. It should clasp my backup repository.

I tin publication here that utilizing FAT is not recommended. Citing:

We powerfully urge against utilizing Borg (or immoderate different database-like software) connected non-journaling record systems for illustration FAT, since it is not possible to presume immoderate consistency successful lawsuit of powerfulness failures (or a sudden disconnect of an outer thrust aliases akin failures).

The referring formatting speech of nan ubuntu based disks programme offers maine e. g. NTFS, but states that it is meant for Windows; Ext4 would beryllium an alternative, too.

Which record strategy would beryllium nan champion to usage - taken nan arena that sometimes successful nan future, I would for illustration to entree nan backup HDD from a Windows computer, too?

Additionally: BordBackup offers encryption. Is it a bully idea, to format nan disk pinch LUKS, arsenic offered by nan referring disksdialogue?