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I simply want to constitute a book (maybe Groovy, Java aliases Postman) allowing maine to update my ain questions and answers, possibly successful immoderate cases besides different people's. My actual usage lawsuit is to update links to AspectJ merchandise notes and documentation, because I posted hundreds of answers astir AspectJ, often linking to documentation. But nan URLs and nan archive building for nan AspectJ archiving will soon alteration completely. I want to support my posts adjuvant by automatically updating contented linking to aged URLs by updating them. I americium not an admin connected nan aged website and cannot group up server-side redirects. Finding and changing each links manually would return days, truthful I want to automate it. It is perfectly nary problem to authenticate manually successful nan browser and transcript nan token into my book each clip it runs. I americium besides 100% good pinch nan book doing things successful my name, because I americium not going to do thing abusive.