phpMyAdmin fatal javascript error |

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I usage Ubuntu 22.04. I person tried to unfastened phpMyAdmin successful Vivaldi and Firefox, aforesaid problem.

just wanted to cheque databases. I log successful to


and I spot 2 messages:

A fatal JavaScript correction has occurred. Would you for illustration to nonstop an error report?

I click nonstop correction report, but conscionable get much specified messages.

I saw immoderate older threads connected stackoverflow saying PageXray hold was nan cause, but I don't person that extension.

Any tips please? How tin I find nan culprit javascript?

I tried starting Vivaldi from nan bid line:

pedro@pedro-HP:~$ vivaldi --disable-extensions

but nan problem persists.

Previously I could entree my database from Vivaldi, aliases Firefox, nary problem.

Also, to cheque my database integrity, I opened mysql from nan bid line, chose a database, selected information from a table, nary problem. So I would opportunity this is not a MySQL problem.

More info:

The problem is confined to this laptop. On my small unreality server I tin entree my database successful Vivaldi nary problem!

I deliberation nan problem must beryllium immoderate Ubuntu update! I haven't updated nan unreality server lately! Now I americium not judge if I should.