PGP, S/MIME and Thunderbird |

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I americium utilizing PGP encryption for my emails, my friend uses S/MIME. We some usage thunderbird to constitute emails. When he writes maine a signed email, I tin verify nan signature and, similarly, he tin verify mine. However, we cannot nonstop each different encrypted emails. The thuderbird thief page says

You must person keys aliases certificates of nan aforesaid exertion for all recipients including yourself, because OpenPGP and S/MIME are separate encryption technologies and cannot beryllium mixed successful a azygous email. Ensure you person selected nan correct exertion erstwhile composing an encrypted email.

But why is this necessary? If my friend's thunderbird tin verify my PGP signatures, it should beryllium capable to encrypt a connection to maine pinch my PGP nationalist key, nary matter that his cardinal is S/MIME, aliases whether aliases not he moreover has immoderate type of cardinal himself. Likewise, I should beryllium capable to encrypt messages to him, seeing that I tin verify his signature. Am I overlooking anything? Maybe I didn't get 100% really precisely S/MIME differs from nan PGP public/private cardinal approach...