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I've sewage an nVidia Quadro K620 mounted connected an ExpressCard adapter since a while, lieing astir successful a tech worldly box. So precocious I sewage an HP Elitebook 8640p which has an ExpressCard interface, and builtin Intel graphics, to beryllium capable to usage that GPU without having to build it into a laptop / PC.

So I installed nan corresponding drivers (sudo apt instal nvidia-driver-535) and rebooted. Then I plugged successful nan definitive paper plug of nan nVidia card. After that, nan Quadro appeared arsenic VGA compatible controller successful nan output of lspci, but - nvidia-smi said that it couldn't find immoderate compatible devices !

Most astir apt nan GPU needs to beryllium plugged successful astatine footwear clip (?), I thought, truthful I near it plugged successful and rebooted. Which sewage maine - a achromatic screen. Instead of nan GRUB footwear selector and login surface appearing, nan surface stayed black. If I unplugged nan NVidia card, everything worked usually again, but I couldn't usage nan GPU then, obviously.


  1. Are location immoderate different beingness connections needed betwixt nan definitive paper adapter and nan laptop, different than nan definitive paper interface plug itself ?
  2. If that's not nan lawsuit / problem, past what other could beryllium nan problem ? Anything I could do to get this to activity ?

I'm moving Ubuntu Studio 22.04.