NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN

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If you’re looking astatine VPNs, you’ve apt heard of astatine slightest 1 of these 2 names before. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are nan 2 biggest VPN providers connected nan world marketplace and are renowned for their premium value and accelerated speeds. 

As nan world becomes an progressively integer place, net information is of nan utmost importance, and devices to protect your privateness go much captious each day. Enter VPNs, an easy measurement to hide from prying eyes and support individual specifications hidden erstwhile surfing nan web.

With this article, we’re going to comparison NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN to determine which work offers nan champion value of each and which is worthy your dime.




Lowest Pricing $8.32/month $3.67/month
Server Count 3,000+ 5,000+
Country Count 94 62
Number of Devices 5 6
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days
Encryption 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
Accessibility 10/10 10/10
Live Support Yes (24/7) Yes (24/7)
Logging Strict no-logging Strict no-logging

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is nan first illustration of a VPN supplier becoming a downright family name. With its monolithic advertizing budget, it has swept nan world by storm, quickly becoming nan single astir commonly-used VPN app worldwide. 

As you’ll notice, NordVPN’s software goes for an excellent minimalistic design, bringing a blend of easy personification accessibility and businesslike manoeuvring to get to wherever you need. It runs beautifully connected each devices and is astir identical crossed different platforms, pinch each nan aforesaid features. 

This is simply a rarity for astir services but is highly useful for switching betwixt devices freely without having to memorize a different interface for each one. It makes nan process of utilizing nan VPN pinch different devices completely stress-free.

You can freely switch betwixt immoderate server that NordVPN has disposable astatine immoderate time. In lawsuit you’re caller to VPNs, Nord has nan fastest and astir reliable server for your location selected by default arsenic a measurement to urge it to you if you’re not judge which server to pick. It besides comes loaded pinch immoderate number of useful features you mightiness need, specified arsenic split-tunnelling, killswitch, etc.

NordVPN’s Speeds

In testing, we were each but definite that NordVPN’s speeds would beryllium lightning-fast. Even still, they managed to astonishment us. Simply by nan measurement a VPN works, they are almost ever expected to drop your net speed by astatine slightest a mini margin. A VPN’s velocity decides really overmuch that separator really is.

We tested connected a relationship that clocked successful astatine astir 100 Mbps without immoderate VPN enabled. Upon enabling Nord connected nan quickest server it could find for us, we ran nan trial again. NordVPN managed to propulsion a unchangeable 94 Mbps, little than a 10% driblet successful speed.

That benignant of velocity is unheard of for astir services, which thin to scope commonly astir a 50%-30% driblet astatine best. Not conscionable this, but NordVPN also offers replacement relationship methods, specified arsenic Nord’s WireGuard protocol service, NordLynx. When testing pinch NordLynx, nan speeds were moreover much impressive, clocking successful astatine a accordant 98 Mbps, and successful immoderate cases, moreover going higher than our original speeds.

It’s safe to opportunity that NordVPN is 1 of, if not nan azygous fastest work presently connected nan market. Even if you someway negociate to find a location that isn’t adjacent 1 of NordVPN’s 5000+ dedicated servers, testing astatine further locations ne'er dropped our speeds beneath 90 Mbps.

NordVPN User Feedback

On Reddit, real-life users of Nord singing its praises much than immoderate different provider. Its estimation is supported by trusted experts and hobbyists alike who person utilized nan work for years.

Whether you’re marque caller to nan VPN world, aliases an knowledgeable veteran, you’ll find it difficult to travel crossed a amended all-purpose VPN than Nord.

You tin download NordVPN here.

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is simply a revered work that is commonly known arsenic nan fastest VPN available. It offers some genuinely awesome features, specified arsenic highly unafraid torrenting support and well-optimized software for each awesome devices. It has a ample number of servers spanning almost 100 countries, meaning location are fewer places successful nan world wherever you’d beryllium hard-pressed to find a close, speedy connection.

Its package is highly easy to usage pinch quick drop-down menus and easy-to-navigate settings. It has 1 of nan lowest learning curves of immoderate package we’ve tested, meaning you should beryllium capable to navigate and customize nan VPN for illustration a pro within a matter of minutes aft purchase. It performs truthful good that you could time off ExpressVPN running and not moreover announcement it arsenic you spell astir your business.

Like everything other astir nan software, switching servers is fast, fluid, and reliable. We ne'er had a azygous clang aliases ‘infinite loading cycle’ for illustration pinch definite services. However, should nan request ever arise, nan instant killswitch useful perfectly, arsenic good arsenic immoderate different characteristic you could want from a VPN (except for, curiously, an adblocker).

ExpressVPN’s Speeds

One of ExpressVPN’s claims to fame is being nan fastest location is. While it mightiness predominate astir different services, does it really comparison to what NordVPN is tin of? We tested it connected nan aforesaid 100 Mbps velocity in bid to find out.

First, we tested its speeds pinch nan recommended server for nan fastest connection. After a fewer tests, we recovered ExpressVPN to clasp a accordant velocity of astir 92 Mbps. That’s little than a 10% drop, which is fantabulous for immoderate service! However, it doesn’t hit Nord’s lightning-fast speeds.

Finally, we tried utilizing further servers. We were pleasantly amazed to spot that moreover utilizing servers connected nan different broadside of nan world from america didn’t driblet ExpressVPN’s speeds to thing little than 85 Mbps. Once again, astounding speeds for immoderate premium service, but conscionable beneath Nord.

ExpressVPN User Feedback

Similar to Nord, ExpressVPN finds precocious praise connected sites for illustration Reddit, wherever users are consenting to forgive nan precocious value tag successful speech for a genuinely outstanding service.

It’s true, ExpressVPN has rather nan hefty value tag to it (its cheapest scheme coming retired to a small nether $100 a year), but if that doesn’t move you distant from wanting to springiness it a try, we guarantee you won’t beryllium disappointed.

You tin download ExpressVPN here.

Best VPN per category

Category VPN The Verdict
Best VPN for Windows While ExpressVPN is without a uncertainty a high-quality service, NordVPN’s software and servers tally truthful smoothly connected Windows that it would beryllium an outright crime to telephone it thing little than the azygous champion Windows VPN available.
Best VPN for Mac NordVPN’s highly optimized package and fantabulous reliability make it a cleanable prime for Mac users. The expertise to take your protocol to find your champion fresh besides makes it capable to execute truthful overmuch much smoothly connected Mac devices than ExpressVPN can.
Best VPN for Android Unfortunately for NordVPN, ExpressVPN’s speeds don’t falter complete immoderate of their devices, offering accordant speeds pinch mobile arsenic good arsenic desktop. NordVPN’s speeds hiccup somewhat pinch Android devices, leaving ExpressVPN as nan victor here.
Best VPN for iOS Just for illustration pinch Android, ExpressVPN wins pinch iOS devices arsenic acold arsenic speed, stability, and consistency. While nan features are astir identical, NordVPN’s package and servers conscionable look to person nan occasional struggle pinch iOS mobile devices.
Best VPN for Torrenting ExpressVPN provides airtight information for P2P connections that is almost unbeatable. While NordVPN’s built-in protection comes close, it only allows P2P for circumstantial servers, and nary of its protocols connection nan level of information and capacity that ExpressVPN does for torrenting.
Best Overall VPN While ExpressVPN has Nord hit successful nan mobile department, overall, NordVPN’s service is conscionable excessively overmuch to compete pinch connected desktop devices. Its speeds, reliability, performance, and package features each trump what ExpressVPN can offer, moreover if by conscionable a mini margin.

Our verdict

Overall, NordVPN seems to triumph this rivalry. However, it’s important to statement that ExpressVPN has immoderate strengths complete Nord, specified arsenic its torrenting and mobile support. While Express has immoderate fantabulous versatility successful its functions, NordVPN has it hit arsenic an wide VPN. Its estimation successful nan VPN organization doesn’t conscionable stem from its tremendous advertizing budget. It really does merit its praise.

That said, we can’t accent capable really unthinkable some of these services are. Every VPN is tailored to different users, and if ExpressVPN looks arsenic if it would amended suit your interests, there’s a bully chance it would. A ample information of it comes down to preference, and we tin guarantee you that some of these providers get a thumbs up from america erstwhile it comes to their premium quality.


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