New graphics card as well as integrated Intel one - delay and can't show BIOS/GRUB booup screens |

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Ubuntu 20.04, classical Gnome fallback. Dell Optiplex 7010 PC, BIOS bequest boot, not UEFI.

I've bought a caller 3840 x 2160 monitor. My PC is 10 years aged and its integrated graphics paper only supports 1920 x 1080.

So I besides bought an outer graphics card, a nVidia Quadro NVS 510, which handles this but is beautiful low-end. This has DisplayPorts and connects to nan show DisplayPort. My mobility is really to get nan caller paper to beryllium progressive erstwhile I powerfulness up aliases aftermath from suspend. In these cases nan show reports nary awesome and goes into standby, and only aft a infinitesimal aliases 2 does nan login aliases password dialog appear.

I tried to make nan caller paper nan only progressive 1 successful nan BIOS, but nan surface stayed permanently blank. Connecting nan aged show to nan aged paper via VGA besides gave a blank screen. I had to reset nan BIOS CMOS and time off some cards active, pinch nan prime of graphics paper arsenic Auto.

Then I get that agelong hold business pinch nan caller monitor. With nan aged show besides connected to nan integrated card, and nan Display Mode (in Preferences/Settings/Screen Display) arsenic "Join Displays" and nan caller paper arsenic Primary, I get nan business I described. The boot/GRUB screens show connected nan aged monitor, but erstwhile nan login surface should show up, nan aged show shows a blank purple screen. Maybe nan personification database should beryllium "displayed" connected nan caller show but astatine this constituent it's blank, showing nothing, perchance a very acheronian gray. Then aft a while nan personification database shows connected nan caller show and I tin continue.

As nan caller show doesn't show nan footwear and GRUB screens, I've now connected it to nan aged paper utilizing its DisplayPort and a DisplayPort to HDMI cable, truthful that if I ever needed to alteration BIOS I tin move root to HDMI and do it location (in 1920 x 1080).

I judge I tin flash nan vBIOS pinch an Nvidia driver and I conjecture that would let maine to disable nan integrated paper and spot nan footwear screens via nan caller paper and monitor, but I don't want to consequence bricking nan BIOS aliases utilizing nan incorrect driver.

What mightiness beryllium a safe and elemental measurement would beryllium if location was a measurement to move to nan caller paper connected power-up and peculiarly connected aftermath from suspend. In different words, a command, tally arsenic my normal personification aliases arsenic root, that would make nan caller paper progressive immediately.

It could besides possibly disable nan aged card, but pinch "Join Display", nan aged paper conscionable has nan wallpaper and thing else. This doesn't look to impact capacity connected nan caller paper and monitor. A mounting that mirrors nan displays connected some I deliberation degraded capacity connected nan caller monitor. (I think I person hardware acceleration on.)

So, would flashing nan vBIOS beryllium safe, and pinch nan integrated paper abnormal successful BIOS would this activity for boot/GRUB and normal use? Can personification constituent maine to reliable instructions?

Or is location a bid I could tally erstwhile Linux starts, that would move to nan caller card, and ideally disable nan aged one?

I'm a newbie erstwhile it comes to systems stuff. I'm happy to effort things and study back, but I request them spelled out, e.g. "type this successful a terminal", not "use nan SuperDuperVcardSwitcher approach".