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I person 2 subnets that I want to adhd to my instrumentality (IPv6). The 2 xxx:: IPs tin beryllium pinged and are afloat avaliable. It is alternatively unpractical to hindrance each azygous v6 IP to nan interface.

I saw, that it is imaginable to adhd nan afloat subnet pinch this ip way adhd section xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::/44 dev lo. This does not past a reboot. But: I tin ping nan IP from nan outside.

  1. Will it beryllium possbile for programs to hindrance to these IPs?
  2. How tin I make it past a reboot? I saw nan following.
network: version: 2 ethernets: enp1s0: dhcp4: true dhcp6: true addresses: ["XXXXXXX::/48", "XXXXXXX::/44"] routes: - to: XXXXXXX::/48 scope: link - to: XXXXXX::/44 scope: link match: macaddress: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1 set-name: enp1s0